Magnetic Island

Touring Magnetic IslandBook Accommodation With TravelOnlineEnjoying 23 unspoilt beaches and coves, Magnetic Island truly attracts. Many of the pristine island destinations are only accessible by boat, though a number of the regions best can be discovered by car. A haven for native wildlife, almost 70% of the island is National Park - the second most visited National Park in Queensland after the Great Barrier Reef. Visitors with a keen eye will find an abundance of local fauna on their island travels, including rock wallabies, koalas (an estimated 800 of them!), various birds and brush-tail possums. One of the most distinctive features of Magnetic Island is the native Bush Stone-curlews - a bird with a piercing cry which has awakened many a visitor in the night when they are most active. On the famous Forts Walk, many of these unique animals can be seen.

The island lies in the UNESCO World Heritage listed Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and at present many millions of dollars are being fed into a large-scale island development. Much of the national park is located on the steep hilly interior and rugged north western side of the island, featuring around twenty-five kilometres of walking track that lead visitors across the various landscapes. There are also some great paved trails and lookouts that cater to wheelchairs and prams.

The name of the island came about because of the apparent "magnetic" effect it had on Captain Cook's ship's compass as he passed the island when sailing up the east coast of Australia in 1770. People have since explored the general area of Magnetic Island with various instruments to discover if it was magnetic like Cook experienced, but nothing has been discovered.

The public facilities and infrastructure on the island are managed by the Townsville City Council. The Island is part of the Electoral district of Townsville in the Queensland Legislative Assembly and is one of the only Great Barrier Reef Islands to have a unique postcode. The Island is also part of the Federal seat of Herbert and is home to four residential bays, Geoffrey, Horseshoe, Nelly and Picnic with a population of approximately 2,500.

Magnetic Island Accommodation

The island has long been established as a popular holiday destination with many hotels and several resorts catering to all levels of service. Tourists from around Australia (and abroad) frequent the island each season, recognising the renowned facilities, options for accommodation and expansive natural beauty. Whether you're seeking luxury resorts or value-based rooms and apartment suites, Magnetic Island has something to offer.

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Getting to Magnetic Island

Situated in Cleveland Bay, Magnetic Island is just 8 kilometres offshore from the city of Townsville, Queensland, Australia. The island is accessible from Townsville by a short 25-minute ferry ride, arriving at Nelly Bay. Magnetic Island is a 52 square km mountainous island which has effectively become a suburb of Townsville having well over 2000 permanent residents. There is a large 27 square km national park and bird sanctuary and excellent walking tracks can be taken between the populated bays and to a number of tourist destinations such as the World War II Forts. Getting There & Map

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Whether you're seeking a summer escape for the whole family or looking for a romantic couple's getaway, Magnetic Islands secluded coves and popular beaches cater to every kind of holiday. Get in touch with TravelOnline to arrange your next tropical break. More info here.