Magnetic Island Map

Situated just 8km off shore from Townsville on Australia's mainland, Magnetic Island is a tropical paradise. Spanning 52 square kilometres, over half of which is protected National Park, it is one of the only Queensland Islands to have its own postcode. Just a 25 minute ferry ride from Queensland's northern capital, Magnetic Island may as well be a whole world away. Swop high rises with palm trees and highways with the Great Barrier Reef and enter northern Australia's unique brand of tropics. This Magnetic Island map features the four main regions of the island, as follows:

Horseshoe Bay: Boasting an abundance of water sports and adventure, Horseshoe Bay caters to the whole family with an extended array of water activities (i.e. stand up paddle boards, jet skis, kayaks, swimming and fishing)

Arcadia Bay: The smallest bay on Magnetic Island, Arcadia offers tranquil water for young families and leisurely afternoons.

Nelly Bay: This is where you'll first dock upon arrival on Magnetic Island, the centre of island activity you can make the most of the local restaurants, shops and amenities.

Picnic Bay: Enjoy the expansive beach and sleepy Picnic Bay inlet. Take your pick from the abundant activities in the area, including opportunity for fishing, snorkelling, swimming and BBQing.

Magnetic Island & Townsville Map

How To Get To Magnetic Island

Making your way to Magnetic Island is simple. As indicated on the Magnetic Island map, it's only just off-shore from Townsville in northern Queensland.

Qantas, Jetstar and Virgin fly from most capital cities to Townsville each day. Alternatively, drive or take a train from Brisbane and enjoy the spectacular landscape. Once in Townsville simply book a seat on the Magnetic Island ferry and you'll be in paradise in a matter of minutes. Those who wish to bring their car along may also book a separate passage by barge (this trip will take 40 minutes).